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Company Profile

Kingston Call Centre operate offices located in Kingston and in rural Jamaica, at Bog Walk in the parish of St. Catherine approximately 30 miles west of Kingston. The company is interested in outsourcing Inbound, Outbound, Voice and Non-voice campaigns.


In our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) section, we do Autocad drafting and Data Entry


Data Entry


The company presently utilizes a cloud based predictive dialer for inbound and outbound call centre campaigns along with suitable cloud base Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems. Agents work in office based environments where the outsourced office function requires an office equipped with necessary office equipment. However, where an office environment is not necessary, agents are encouraged to work from home provided they have the required reliable computer, good internet connection and quiet office-like environment at home or place of their choosing.

Kingston Call Centre usually absorb the cost of campaign telephone calls using their VOIP dialing facility, including the costs associated with the provision of Toll Free Numbers (TFN).


Type of Work Sought

Kingston Call Centre is interested in outsourcing both Voice and Non-Voice campaigns. For Non-Voice campaigns they can provide excellent document conversion, spell checking, document reformatting, data entry and form filling etc.

Electrical, architectural and telecommunication drawings and alterations are done using Autocad.

For Voice Campaigns, agents have experience with outbound USA/EST appointment setting and inbound customer service campaigns. Our agents are experienced and trained as call centre workers for both office and home operation.



English is the primary language of Jamaica and is therefore the language used for teaching in all Jamaican schools. The company endeavors to employ agents who speak English accurately, clearly and without an accent.

Time Zone

Agents are able to work with a time schedule corresponding to any time zone in the world bearing in mind that Jamaica’s time zone is GMT-5.0 hours or EST.

Labour Rate

Each campaign has different requirements and are therefore charged at different rates.

Labour rates per seat per hour are negotiable.


P.O. Box 8561,Kingsaton CSO, Kingston, Jamaica

Tel: 1 631-346-4694

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